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All That Is Wrong

July 29th, 2013

This is going to be a quick one folks.  I am back to work after a week off which means, of course, that my machine broke down and I have to work twelve hour shifts.  I maybe got 5 hours sleep and don’t expect to see my bed again until sometime around 10 AM.

Just another day in Angry Jew Land.

It was in this frame of mind that I opened my daily paper and settled in for the news of the day with my morning (afternoon) coffee, which, after scanning the front page, I promptly spit across the table.

For on that page, was, in my less then humble opinion, everything that is wrong with America today.

Now, because all technology is against me, of course the feature on The Oregonian’s website that allows you to download a PDF file of the front page is down.  Hopefully you will be able to click this link and get it sometime in the near future.  When I clicked it it took me to a page from 2011.  I suppose you could just grab a copy of today’s paper and look at it, but I know that is too much work for the average American so my poor attempt at a description will have to suffice.

Above the fold, just below the Masthead, right column.


A Cloud Of Economic Fear Drifts Over U.S.

1st Paragraph

Four out of five US adults struggle with joblessness, near poverty or reliance on public assistance for at least parts of their lives, a sign of  deteriorating economic security and an elusive American dream.

Scary, huh?

Scarier still is the teaser, directly below the story, same column, under the fold, for a story in the Metro section.

Water slides, A library, A baking kitchen, Infinity hot tub.  The homes in this years Street of  Dreams feature ultra-luxe touches that reflect an uptick in the Portland economy.

I guess it is just an uptick for that one out of the five.

The rest of us can go suck it.

Well played Oregonian, Well Played.


We Are The Law

July 15th, 2013

Now that the jury has returned it’s verdict in the George Zimmerman/ Travon Martin case, and the initial firestorm of protest over the not guilty verdict has settled, I feel safe about voicing my opinion on the case.

It is, simply stated, I don’t have one and neither should most people.

The simple truth of the matter is, except for the jury, very few of us have watched every minute of the trial and reviewed all the evidence in the case.  All most of us know is what has been reported in the media, and as we all know, they never get anything wrong.

All media exists to further there own agenda, be it profit or simply promoting their own point of view.  Sadly, few of us become involved in the legal process enough to stand in judgment.  Unless you are willing to review every page of the trial transcript, you are unqualified to comment on the juries decision to set Zimmerman free.

Does racism exist in modern America?

Yes, of course it does.  It’s not right, it’s not fair but we have to accept that everyone has prejudices based on their own unique upbringing and experience.  We can preach and teach tolerance and inclusion but as with most things it is up to the individual to decide there own code of right and wrong and to then act accordingly.  Sadly, in my opinion, most prejudice is based on family beliefs passed on from generation to generation and then further solidified by ones own experience.

Look at the case of Paula Dean.

She was born in 1947 and raised in Albany,Georgia.  I doubt you are going to find very many people born and raised in the same time and place who, if they are honest,  have never used the word “nigger”.  Yes, I am going to use it as I have made my opinion on the matter perfectly clear in previous posts.  If anything, I admire her honesty in admitting it in her deposition.  I fail to see how the accusation that, in the past, she is alleged to have allowed racial slurs to be used in her restaurant should cause the woman to lose her entire career.

A jury of her peers will hear all the evidence and decide her guilt or innocence.

Who am I, a fifty year white Jew, to speak on racism?

Well other then the fact that one group or another has been trying to exterminate my race since the dawn of recorded time, I too have felt the sting of racism while serving in the Navy in the south.  It was the first time I had ever seen it and the first time I had ever been the victim of it.  Sadly, it was not the last.

Such is the case with George Zimmerman.

A jury of his peers, of which six members are women. Five are white, one is Hispanic. The four alternates include two women and two men, all of whom are white, but for one male Hispanic heard the evidence and based on that evidence, and whatever personal prejudices they had, rendered their verdict.

Most of the legal commentators I have read seem to agree that the prosecution erred by not including at least one African American and one Male  on the panel.

How many of us have dodged a jury duty notice?

How many of us don’t even bother to register to vote to avoid being part of our communities jury pool?

How many of us would look at being selected as a juror for a high profile case as an opportunity to further our own beliefs rather than an opportunity to meet out justice in a fair and wise manner?

Our system is flawed, there is no doubt about it and I for one can not come up with a reasonable solution to the problem.  Tens of thousands of people make tens of millions of dollars finding ways to exploit those flaws.  We rail against them, until of course, we are in desperate need of their services and then we all want the sneakiest most vile bastard we can find as our own hired gun.

Such is life in America my friends.





Supreme Court Cancels Law And Order SVU

June 4th, 2013

Allow me to set a scene for you, Benson and (un)Stabler have the kiddy diddler De juer in an interrogation room gloating that they will have his gonads in a vice once they get a warrant for his DNA, unless of course it is the first person they have arrested because we all know they don’t arrest the right one until after the third commercial break.

Well, the writers are going to have a get a little more creative to build drama in cop shows thanks to the Supreme court.

In a landmark 5-4 decision, The United States Supreme Court voted yesterday that police no longer need to obtain a warrant before taking a DNA sample from a criminal suspect.

Oh yeah, it will also remove a key component from the Bill Of Rights.  Does illegal search and seizure ring a bell? Anyone? Anyone?

The move grew out of case in Maryland where a scumbag attempted to have DNA evidence taken at the time of his arrest on an assault charge suppressed after it landed him in prison on a rape case that had occurred several years earlier.

Most states and the feds currently take DNA samples from persons CONVICTED of a crime, but now, police will be free to take samples at the time of arrest and, guilty or not, those results will go into a national database.

What happened to due process?

Are we so ruled by fear in this country that even the suspicion of criminal behavior is enough to warrant having you genetic fingerprint placed on file forever?

The justices in favor argue that taking DNA is no different than taking a photograph or fingerprints at the time of a suspects arrest, but now that this particular camel has it’s nose under the tent, where does this end?

Will police soon be able to take a sample of your DNA if you are pulled over for a traffic stop?

Why not take a DNA sample from everyone at the time of their birth, that would seem to be the next logical step.

From there it is a short hop, skip and jump to “You Vill Show Me Your Papers” (insert bad WWII German Gestapo accent here)

Everyone OK with that?

I guess so, your silence speaks volumes.

The national database maintained by the FBI currently has 11 million samples on file taken from CONVICTED criminals and we all know they never get anything wrong.  When we are talking about the erosion of our civil liberties one must keep in mind that it does not happen in big chunks. Our rights are taken slowly, gradually, as the ocean slowly takes the land.

If police are so convinced that someone is guilty of a crime, getting a warrant should be be no impediment to the prosecution of that individual.



Is This As Good As It Gets?

June 3rd, 2013

When I shared this story with the ever patient Miz Mona, she suggested that this is, right or wrong, the way things are now and that I should just let it go.  Now, since we all know I am incapable of such an action, I thought I would throw this one out to you, my loyal readers, and get your input.

I had to swing by my local pharmacy to pick up a couple of prescriptions this evening and thought I had been blessed by the gods when I saw no one ahead of me at the counter.  I was of course, wrong.

As I stood at the counter I was treated to the opportunity to watch the young gentleman, whose job it was to wait on customers, attempt to convince the Pharmacist and the Tech that they should rearrange their lives so he could have Friday off.

Now, while I have nothing against this young man having Friday off, I would have liked to get my drugs sometime before then.

After standing there for a minute unnoticed, the young man in question turned his head to his area of responsibility and made direct eye contact with me…and then went back to his pleas and explanations as to why the world would be shifted off it’s axis if he didn’t get his requested day off.

This went on for several more moments while I stood by and did a slow burn.

I think maybe he had a moment of inspiration, for he then decided that perhaps if he showed his boss what a fine fellow he was, it would strengthen his case, so he turned away from this most vital of pursuits to ….hang on to your hats…wait on a customer.

I know, shocking, huh?

What follows is a word for word replay of what transpired next.

Young Fellow:  Can I help you sir?

Angry Jew:  Are you sure I am not interrupting anything?

Young Fellow:  Oh no, your fine, I just need to get Friday off.

I have to credit Miz Mona for my next actions.  We all know what a calming influence she has been on me since she entered my life.

I neither ripped him a new asshole for ignoring a customer, nor did I reach out and show the young gentleman exactly what his trachea looked like.  I know the Pharmacy Tech had heard our exchange, and even she looked a little shocked that I had not filleted the young man with a verbal barrage that would have made the shelling of the beaches of Normandy on D Day look mild by comparison.

The two of us go back for a number of years.

Instead, I conducted my business and left without another word, unless you want to count the 50 or so I exchanged with the store manager when I told him the story when we crossed paths as I made my way out of the store.

To the managers credit, who did not appear to be much older then the gentleman in question, he said that the young mans actions were completely inappropriate.

So my friends, I ask you, is this is good as it gets?

Is this, as Miz Mona suggests, just the work ethic of the young people today?

If it is, then the blame can only fall on our shoulders.

Now I am not talking here about an overworked victim of corporate greed, who is forced to do the the work of two people so that the bottom line can be pumped up a bit.  Nor do I wish to infer that all young people are lazy little retards interested only in their own self fulfillment.

I will be the first to come to the defense of an underpaid, overworked customer service person who falls victim to an obnoxious member of the buying public puffed up with their own need to trod on someone as they have been trod upon.

Come on now, how many times have you been ignored while someone who is being payed to provide you with a service is more interested in gossiping, playing grab ass or whatever is on the screen of their smart phone, then the task at hand.

Have I just gone off the deep end and entered full blown old fart-hood, or have we allowed this problem to get way out of hand?

Maybe I should have showed this kid his trachea, he might have learned a lesson

Then again, maybe I will just wait until Friday





I Worry For You My Beloved Oregon

March 13th, 2013

I have been watching this years Oregon Legislative session very closely this year.  I normally watch anyway but with all the talk of high cap bans, assault weapons bans and other such nonsense, I have been a little more attentive then usual.  This makes me a little better informed then usual and THIS is making me scratch my head and wonder if the entire Legislature has qualified for medical marijuana.

Not that there is anything wrong with that per say, I just wish they could wait until the session ends to spark up a blunt or 5.

For those of you not paying attention, which is sadly most of you, allow me to explain.

If two bills before the legislature pass, it will be illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to use a tanning bed but it will be legal for a 7 year old to operate an ATV off road.

No, I am not making this up, if you don’t believe me, go read the front page of today’s Oregonian, I dare you.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe that children need to be protected, unless they are real idiots in which case I believe we should let Mr Darwin do his work, but come on.  It seems to me the job of protecting children from the dangers of skin cancer or skewering ones self on a tree branch should lay with the parents, not the state.

If Mom and Dad feel its OK for their spawn to endanger themselves, who are we to say no.  If we are lucky the worst result is that the gene pool will get a stronger and the state can enjoy some added cash in its coffers from all the fines and what not for child endangerment.

It seems like a win win to me

The Blender Did It

January 26th, 2013

Sometimes, you only have to look as a far as the “Food” section of your daily paper to see that we have as a nation abandoned any sense of personal responsibility for our own actions.

In a continuation of the current popular theme that “The gun killed the children”, “The tanker truck sized soda is the reason I am fat” and “If they hadn’t served me those drinks I would not have gotten a DUI”, New York Times News Service reporter Alexandra Jacobs has turned things up to 11.

In a nationally syndicated article that appeared in newspapers across the country, Alexandra related her near death experience with an immersion blender in her kitchen.  Yet another hidden danger just waiting to tear apart the lives of the unsuspecting cooks of our nation who are just trying to provide quality meals for their families.

According to the article, Alexandra fell victim to the evil device while trying to use it to cream hard butter for a batch of cookies she was baking.  The device came to life of its own accord while she was trying to remove the caked cold butter from the blade of a stick blender with said blender STILL PLUGGED INTO THE WALL.

I guess I wouldn’t even be writing this if the tone of the article had been more “Don’t be a retard like I was” and less a call to arms for more safety devices, warning labels and awareness of the danger these devices represent.

If you ask me, Alexandra got far less then she deserved with just a mangled finger or two.

You see, Alexandra stressed a point that I have made in this forum time and time and time again.

That point is simple…There are, in this country, far to many people who are simply too stupid to be allowed to live.  We have gone too far in our interference with the natural order and are allowing far too many morons to live long enough to reproduce.  Global warming pales in comparison to the crisis of stupidity and lack of common sense in today’s modern world.

If our elected officials want to pass some laws that will save lives then I have one that needs to be bumped up to the top of the list and fast tracked like nothing else in the history of our nation.

Are you ready?

OK, here we go.


Thats right my friends, it is time for us to pour some chlorine in the gene pool and give Mr Darwin a free reign to do his thing.

If someone can not figure out that they need to unplug a device with razor sharp rotating blades before they stick their fingers in it, do we really need them around?  What good is someone who can’t reason that something that has just spent 4 minutes in the microwave is going to be hot and should be handled with caution?  Is the excuse that nobody told me it would be bad to stick my head in a plastic bag really a valid reason for us to turn the motion picture Idiocracy into a blueprint for our nations future?

Sure it is going to be bloody and unpleasant in the near term, but it is my belief that the long term benefits and, lets face it, sheer entertainment value, far outweigh any inconvenience this law may cause.



Please Watch Your Language

December 23rd, 2012

I really owe my Dads girlfriend an apology.

She really has the best of intentions and means well.  She has been very vocal in her support of an all out firearms ban in the wake of the recent tragedies and I have been kind of sort of harassing her a bit on Facebook.

I do have to take exception to something she said early on.  I initially let it slide because like I said, she means well and she is very sincere and passionate about her beliefs and those are two qualities I really respect.

Now I am hearing it being used by the media and a few of our more vocal politicians.

I understand that rather than focus on the reason why these tragedies are occurring, we are blaming the tools used to carry them out.

I get it, it’s easier.  Fine. Whatever.

Since when is an assault rifle a “Weapon Of Mass Destruction”?

I have to tell you, I find this horribly offensive and completely unnecessary.

An assault rifle or any other firearm is designed to kill.  That is it’s purpose.  No one is denying that.  No one is denying that in the wrong hands, this class of weapons can inflict a large number of causalities.

But a Weapon Of Mass Destruction?

I was trained by The United States Navy to load nuclear weapons on aircraft.  During the course of my training it was impressed upon me how truly devastating these weapons are and that by participating in PRP I could at some point be called on to perform action that could, indirectly, result in the deaths of ten of thousands of people in the blink of an eye.

This a weapon of Mass Destruction.

In 2003, the government of The United States decided to wage war on the nation of Iraq because we believed, at the time, that a madman had access or was soon to have access to weapons of mass destruction.   Horrible weapons that could snuff out countless lives through biological or chemical means.

These are weapons of Mass Destruction

To date, 4448 of Americas best and brightest have been killed in a search for weapons of mass destruction that did not exist.

To refer to an assault weapon as a Weapon Of Mass Destruction is to spit on the graves of each and every of these Brave Americans.

I realize that the left and right both have to resort to inflammatory language to get their points across.  Neither side seems to want to look at facts.   Why should they when both sides know that people in this country are more influenced by rhetoric.

I know it seems like a petty point to get upset about but words and language have great power and with great power comes great responsibility.

No matter which side of this argument you may fall on, to apply this label in this manner cheapens and weakens a phrase that should terrify any rational human being.



The Best Defense?

September 11th, 2012

FOX News reported today that a group of 6 Senators, 5 Republicans and independent Joe Lieberman, released letters from 13 defense contractors bemoaning the detrimental effect the upcoming mandatory budget cuts to defense will have if they are allowed to kick in.

The move was an effort to pressure the White House to come up with a deficit reduction plan that will keep the cuts from happening.

Scarily enough, I agree.

But,, not for the same reasons as the Republicans.

You see, the cuts are being made in all the wrong places.

If you really want to save money, the first thing you have to do is fire the fucking Admirals and Generals who have allowed the procurement process to become a money gobbling welfare program for the defense industry.

I am all for a strong defense.  My motto is “Walk softly and carry a compact Glock 45.”

There was a time when Admirals and Generals looked out for the best interests of their war fighters, making sure they had the best weapons systems on the planet.  It seems that lately they have been to busy thinking about which companies board of directors is going to offer them the fattest check instead of what is going to keep the boys and girls at the sharp end of the stick alive.

So how do we reduce defense spending and still field the mightiest fighting force the world has ever known?

How about we get back to basics.

First, we fire all the freaking contractors.  I mean is it really cost effective to farm out work traditionally done by PFC’s and Airmen  to companies like Halburton.  I worked in the chow hall on Temporary Assigned duty during my service.  It was a right of passage.  How is it cheaper to have civilians do the same job for three times what a PFC makes?

Why are we paying companies like Blackwater or whatever they are calling themselves these days to protect generals and diplomats.  For what we are spending to protect one person, we could train ten special operators.   That is what I call more bang for the buck.

Next thing we have to do is to streamline the procurement process for weapons systems.

The Joint Strike Fighter (F35) has been in development since 2001 and to date we have spent nearly 400 billion dollars.  For that we have received 30 aircraft of which 16 are actually operational, the rest are for testing.  A report issued in November 2011 identified 13 critical flaws with the aircraft;

  • The helmet-mounted display system does not work properly.
  • The fuel dump subsystem poses a fire hazard.
  • The Integrated Power Package is unreliable and difficult to service.
  • The F-35C’s arresting hook does not work.
  • Classified “survivability issues”, which have been speculated to be about stealth.
  • The wing buffet is worse than previously reported.
  • The airframe is unlikely to last through the required lifespan.
  • The flight test program has yet to explore the most challenging areas.
  • The software development is behind schedule.
  • The aircraft is in danger of going overweight or, for the F-35B, not properly balanced for VTOL operations.
  • There are multiple thermal management problems. The air conditioner fails to keep the pilot and controls cool enough, the roll posts on the F-35B overheat, and using the afterburner damages the aircraft.
  • The automated logistics information system is partially developed.
  • The lightning protection on the F-35 is uncertified, with areas of concern.

This is how we do things?

Of course if we drop the program we flush all the money that has already been spent, so we will just forge ahead.


This is like walking into a Mercedes dealership, asking to buy their top model, paying twice list price and as you are driving out the door having the salesman warn you not to turn on the windshield wipers as it will make the gas tank explode, but,  if you are willing to spend three times the list price, you can bring it in for a warranty repair.

And who are we supposed to fight with this thing, provided we can get it to work.

Last I heard we are reorienting our forces to conduct what are being called Low Intensity Conflict’s much like the war in in Afghanistan. Do we really need a whiz bang stealth fighter attack plane to support our troops on the ground.

Want a kick ass ground support aircraft?  Go out to the desert and dust off all those A6E Intruders and run them through the cancelled A6F upgrade program.  We would have 100 aircraft with a larger bomb load and a proven track record for about the same price we are going to pay in cost overruns on the F35.

What about trimming some of the fat in the Pentagon?  How much money could we save there I wonder.  Thin out the REMF’s and get that money to the war fighters.

But most importantly, lets get rid of the outright incompetence in the way the peoples money is being handled.

6.6 Billion dollars IN CASH earmarked for Iraqi reconstruction has simply disappeared.  POOF.  And it’s GONE.  A total of 21 military cargo flights, each carrying 2.4 Billion went to Iraq.  Half of the money that was sent is unaccounted for.

According to the GAO, another 1.1 Billion in fuel for the Afghan Army is unaccounted for.

A recent story in The Huffington Post reports;

The Associated Press reported earlier this month that U.S. military authorities in Kabul have estimated that $360 million in U.S. tax dollars has ended up in the hands of people the American-led coalition has spent nearly a decade battling: the Taliban, criminals and power brokers with ties to both. The military said that only a small percentage of the $360 million has been garnered by the Taliban and insurgent groups. Most of the money was lost to profiteering, bribery and extortion by criminals and power brokers.

Well isn’t that comforting.

The list goes on…and on…and on.

We don’t need to cut military spending to save money.  We just need to empty out the Pentagon, fumigate the place, and get some first year accountants and real live warriors to get our people the tools they need to protect our nation.




I Am Blessed

August 27th, 2012

I am a blessed individual.

I have so many friends who are more then willing to share their points of view with me.

Each and every day my Facebook page is filled with their thoughts and beliefs.

It is fantastic.  It expands my knowledge and my understanding of all the people who inhabit this great country of ours.  I am overjoyed to live in a nation where the freedom of expression guarantees that so many differing points of view can be aired publicly.

There is however, one group, who I want to single out for special recognition, for it these people above all the rest, who go that extra mile to insure I am well informed on matters that are of the utmost importance.

I am talking about my very special Red State, Tea Party, Conservative Republican Friends.

Now, before I anyone gets their feathers ruffled, I want to be clear on something.


So, now that we have that out of the way, I can get on with my thanks.

Thank you so much for keeping me up to date on Obama’s latest outrages, often through the use of memes that parrot the latest coming from the great thinkers of our times.

Limbaugh, Beck, O’Reily, their words live on attached to witty photos.

It is through this information that I know I can make an informed political choice as to the course of our nation come November.

However I am left with a question and please, feel free to to illustrate your answers.

What The HELL do you think Mitt Romney is going to do for YOU!


Last I checked, no one on my friends list is a millionaire, hell, I doubt anyone who reads this has made over 75 grand in a single year, so you are small potatoes to The Republican Party.  Hell, you probably only register on their radar because they know the “drone” vote is going to make or break the election.

None of my friends have donated millions of dollars, oh wait, I think I friended  a major corporation and as we all know, under the law, they are people too now.  Big political contributors are the only ones who directly benefit from a candidate gaining political office. The rest of us have to happy to fight over the table scraps after all the big kids have gotten their fill.

Hows that retirement planning going?  Got the million or two you are going to need in the bank, provided of course that the financial institution you have chosen to entrust your future to is still there in ten years, or five or tomorrow.  Not to worry, deregulation is going to insure our financial stability for years to come and if that doesn’t work you will always have medicare and social security, right?  Oh wait, we got rid of those to insure that the job creators can keep their tax breaks.

You see where I am going with all this.

The bottom line is this, we are no longer electing leaders in this country.  I don’t blame you for wanting something different, we all, Democrat and Republican, do.

However, as long as we continue to support those who have figured out that the American people are going to throw their lot in with the ones who pander to the lowest common denominator, those who are willing to place spin and sound bites above plans and ideas, well folks, we are going to get just what we deserve.

Before too long, the politicians are going to stop trying to do even that much and this is what we will be left with, but hell, at least it is honest.

I Am Back And I Am Pissed

April 26th, 2010

Maybe it is being in a new and healthy relationship, maybe it is getting adjusted to working a graveyard shift, but lately, I have just been very angry lately, much to my friends disgust.  I can be pretty schmaltzy when I am happy, which Bacon Betty has made me in the extreme these last few months.

With that in mind, a piece in this afternoons (morning’s) paper had me spitting coffee across the table.

Effective Thursday, a new law goes into effect that frees that enslaved class of Americans, the flying public.

The new regulations are a result of an incident that occurred in December of 2006, when passengers were held on board an American Airlines flight that was en route to Dallas and was diverted to Austin.  Passengers were held on board the aircraft for 11 HOURS!

The new regulations will impose a fine of $27500 per passenger on any airline that holds passengers hostage for more then 3 hours.  Another example of government reacting to a real problem for a change, score a victory for the little guy, right?

Well, not according to David Castleveter of the Airline Transportation Association of America, an industry lobbying group.

According to David the new regulations will only cause more cancellations, more missed connections, more mishandled bags and more passengers who will not get where they want to go.


How fucking hard is it to pull an air stair up to a cabin door and let people get off the aircraft to stretch their legs and take a leak, David?

How deeply would it cut into corporate profits to have a facility located inside the secure area of the airport equipped with restrooms, coffee, a few vending machines and maybe a phone or two, and maybe (gasp) a smoking area, so that the passengers YOU strand could maybe feel a bit human.

You would only need one such facility per airport, I am sure all these big airlines can learn to play together, a few bus’s to transport the passengers, and maybe a TSA officer or two to keep passengers from wandering off.

Come on now David, it’s not like that facility is NEVER going to get used or anything.

I find it interesting that instead of embracing these changes and vowing to better serve the customers that pay your freaking bills, the airline trade associations instead decide to issue threats.  Pretty telling, don’t you think?

I don’t fly very much these days and, knock wood, I have never had to endure being stranded on the tarmac for hours on end, but considering the fact that they are charging a fee for everything but breathing, opps, wait a minute, strike that, I don’t want to give the airlines any ideas, you would think that the airlines would be just a bit more concerned for their customers.

I guess I just have to be a little more realistic, it isn’t as if sheeple are going to stop lining up to be abused in the name of profits, right?

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